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Sologenic DEX 24/7 Non-stop Trading

Mark your calendars! On March 31st, 2021, Sologenic is launching the Sologenic DEX, an advanced decentralized trading platform. It allows users to trade any fraction of tokenized assets, SOLO, and XRP while having custody of their private keys, providing maximum security and trust.

Limitless Trading Experience

The Sologenic DEX provides a limitless trading experience, allowing you to trade quickly and affordably from anywhere in the world, 24/7. With swift transactions, quick settlements, and trading fees as low as $0.000005 the DEX you can trade anywhere, any time with no delays.

Trade in Real-Time

The DEX executes trades within seconds and accelerates the transactions processes at 1500+ trades per second. The Sologenic DEX trading platform offers live updates allowing you to have the same experience as trading on modern and fast centralized exchanges.

Self-Custody of Digital Assets

You can safely and securely manage your assets by connecting your preferred wallets. The DEX mitigates the risk of third parties involved and ensures all transactions are peer-to-peer and are not exposed.

The DEX supports the following Mobile & Hardware wallets:

  • SOLO Wallet
  • XUMM
  • Ledger
  • D’CENT

Advanced Trading Feature Integration

You have access to all issued pairs and tokens, allowing you to trade XRP and all other tokenized assets on the DEX. Advanced trading features include but are not limited to Market orders, Limit orders with advanced options such as time in-force policies.

Fully Customizable Trading Terminal

Our dynamic and fully customizable trading terminal is built to align with your personal inclinations to ensure a seamless trading experience.

Key Features Include:

  • Personalized widget appearances
  • Professional charting tools With candles as Low as 1 Minute
  • Light and dark colour themes
  • A multilingual interface offered in English, Spanish, Japanese and Russian with more languages to be added.

Ready to Start Trading?

An upcoming update in April 2021 will introduce the DEX into the new SOLO Wallet IOS and Android platforms.

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