SovereignSky Co-Founders Talk About the First Space-Based Blockchain on SOLO TV

Timothy Burke and Stan Larimer are the Co-founders of SovereignSky. Tim and Stan will appear as guests on episode 7 of SOLO TV.

The First Space-Based Blockchain

SovereignSky is a company that has launched a satellite into space aboard SpaceX in partnership with SpaceQuest. It aims to add more satellites within the next 3–5 years to cover Africa, India, and South America.

Ending Poverty

SoverignSky distributes modems and smartphones preinstalled with an app called RUON, which connects to the satellites.

Anybody in the world can download the RUON app and scroll through profiles of orphanages, wildlife parks, and other communities in need. People can choose to donate to whoever they wish through the app and connect with donors through videos, images, and chats.

The donors receive the donated funds in the RUON cryptocurrency digital wallet, which can be spent instantly.

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SovereignSky aims to end world poverty by 2032! We’re excited to interview Tim and Stan on SOLO TV and find out more about the project.

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