Upcoming Live AMA With Sologenic Core Team

Take part in the LIVE AMA on June 23rd at 18:30 UTC

The Sologenic community has been growing more substantially, and we will host the LIVE AMA on YouTube and Twitter to reach out and stay connected with our community members!

During the AMA, you will meet CoinField’s CEO Bob Ras, Sologenic’s Co-creator/CTO Reza Bashash, and Sologenic’s CPO Dmitri Litvinovich. They will be answering your questions.

We offer a prize pool of 250 SOLO, and only 5 lucky winners will receive 50 SOLO each!

To enter:
Retweet and tag 2 friends 👉
Submit your questions 👉

If you would like to be part of our Sologenic community, please join our Telegram group.

For more information about the Sologenic ecosystem, visit its website.

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