Watch DeFi x SOLO Full Event |Simulator Demo | Bob Ras Keynote

At Sologenic, we’re thrilled to have hosted DeFi x SOLO, the virtual event of the year! The event brought together key industry leaders to discuss all aspects of DeFi and blockchain technology.

We have uploaded the full event to SOLO TV, so if you missed it or would like to watch it again, you can!

Full Demo of the Tokenization Asset Simulator

At DeFi x SOLO, Sologenic launched the Tokenization Asset Simulator. Users can practice tokenizing stock from Nasdaq and NYSE and get a feel for the platform before launching the live version, which is coming soon. 
Sologenic is opening up the financial markets to everyone. Soon, users will be able to tokenize 40k+ assets, including stocks, ETFs, and commodities, from 30 global stock exchanges.

One of the most exciting parts about Sologenic is the introduction of Pool Orders. By contributing to a pool, you can buy fractions of stock. For example, if you want to buy just $1 worth of TSLA stock, you can! Fractional trading opens up the barriers to traditional financial markets and makes them accessible for everyone.

Learn more about how asset tokenization works in our demo.

Bob Ras Keynote

Sologenic’s Co-creator Bob Ras opened the DeFi x SOLO event with his keynote. Bob talked about asset tokenization, his thoughts on Sologenic, and he made an exciting announcement!

SOLONEX is a tokenization brokerage solution for financial institutions. Banks, brokerages, exchanges, and investment firms can offer their clients new and improved services using blockchain technology.

To hear more about SOLONEX, visit our website, or watch Bob Ras’s keynote below.

Reza Bashash Keynote

Sologenic’s Tokenization Asset Simulator is built on the XRP Ledger. Learn why we chose the XRPL over Ethereum, how the technology works, and much more in Reza Bashash’s keynote.

DeFi is a hot topic. To discuss it further, DeFi x SOLO hosted a panel discussion moderated by Charles Bovaird. Charles is a Senior Contributor for Forbes and is the Vice President of Content for Quantum Economics.

On the panel was Hans Koning, Chair of DigiByte Foundation, Carolyn Reckhow, Head of Business at Keep Network, Santiago Roel, Partner at ParaFi Capital, and Piers Ridyard, CEO of Radix.

The panel discussed DeFi through the lens of investors, examining both opportunities and pitfalls in the space.

Sign Up to Use the Simulator

You can sign up to use the Tokenization Asset Simulator right now!

Use your existing CoinField credentials to log in or create a new Sologenic account. Test accounts for the Simulator are available to everyone, including those in Canada and the USA. Sign up here.

Follow Sologenic on Twitter, and visit our website for more information.

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