DeFi x SOLO: The DeFi Virtual Event of the Year

Join the Sologenic team and select industry experts for the DeFi virtual event of the year!

On November 18, 2020, Brent Hirose of SOLO TV will host DeFi x SOLO, which will explore how DeFi is shaping the global economy.

Sologenic Introduces the Tokenization Asset Simulator

At the event, Sologenic will introduce the Tokenization Asset Simulator with a live demo to show how you can practise tokenizing 40,000+ stocks, ETFs and commodities from over 30 global stock exchanges.

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Join the AMA & Win SOLO!

The event will end with a live AMA and SOLO giveaway!

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CEO of OMG Network Interview on SOLO TV

Vansa Chatikavanij is the CEO of the OMG Network, formerly known as OmiseGo.

Although from Thailand, Vansa holds a master’s degree in earth and environmental resources at Columbia University in New York City.

OMG Network

The OMG network is a scaling solution for transferring value to Ethereum. It allows users to access, manage, and transact digital assets on the blockchain.

Enterprise Ready

With the OMG Network businesses can:

  • Reduce the cost of transactions by leveraging digital assets
  • Offer real-time payments to your customers
  • Issue and manage loyalty points
  • Create digital finance services and connect with their-party providers
  • Build decentralized apps

The OMG Network can manage thousands of transactions per second at a third of the cost of Ethereum while still providing Ethereum-level security supported by a decentralized watcher network. It is a scaling solution, making Ethereum-enterprise-ready.


Vansa will be appearing as a guest on SOLO TV, so subscribe now to catch the interview when it’s released.

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AMA with Sologenic CPO Part 1

Last week, Sologenic’s new Chief Product Officer (CPO) Dmitri Litvinovich took part in his first AMA in the Sologenic Telegram group. In case you missed it, here is the first part!

Can you give us an update on the project? Are we still going to be utilizing tokenizing assets from stock exchanges in Q3?

To start with, we reached agreements with most of the key stakeholders that are necessary for the product launch. The truth is that many partners are not moving as fast as we’d like, mainly due to the COVID resulting change in work pace and environment. The SOLO team is working very hard towards the launch of the Tokenized Asset Platform. We’re planning to release the first simulator version of our asset tokenization platform.

Will Sologenic be releasing a DeFi Product in the near future? Can You Explain What DeFi products your team will recommend to SOLO investors?

Sologenic is indeed a DeFi platform. Currently, the three most significant functions of DeFi:

  • Creating monetary banking services (e.g., issuance of stablecoins)
  • Providing peer-to-peer or pooled lending and borrowing platforms
  • Enabling advanced financial instruments such as DEX, tokenization platforms, derivatives and predictions markets

Soon we will be releasing a simulator version of our DeFi product- Asset Tokenization Platform, which mimics the live environment and runs on XRPL Testnet. I am very excited about this fact and eager to get your feedback on this product. Meanwhile, we are working hard to obtain all the legal licenses and launch the live version.

The DeFi project lately has been much hype and hotly discussed by traders and investors. How about the SOLO team’s response, does it affect the SOLO trading ecosystem on the exchange?

We are extremely proud to be the pioneers in the DeFi revolution by making it possible for just anyone to access financial services such as investing in stocks, ETF, commodities, and trading these tokenized assets. What’s more, we have seen an enormous amount of support from the community, which proves that we are on the right track. Needless to say that with this support and trust, we all feel a high level of responsibility and working extremely hard to deliver and diversify our ecosystem offerings.

Can you tokenize partial stocks with the Sologenic platform?

Yes, we are developing so-called “order pooling” that allows our users to purchase any fraction of any asset they want. This is one of the features that will distinguish the Sologenic platform from ordinary stock exchanges.

What new products or facilities will you bring for us? If you bring any new products, what will be the demand for it in the cryptocurrency market?

I have extensive experience in various technology projects, mostly related to FinTechs and trading. Speaking about products, I see user experience as the key to success. Moreover, UX to my mind is limited by specific product usage and our internal processes and the team behind that. I see my primary mission as a bridge between user needs, organization, business, and technology.

Based on your feedback and trust in the Sologenic ecosystem, I am sure that the asset tokenization platform will be a super successful project that will massively disrupt the existing market. Apart from this, we’re working on enhancing our current services and a few other new projects related to SOLO cards, derivatives such as futures, and marginal trading.

Ripple announced the decision not to build smart contract capability into the XRP Ledger. How will this affect the tokenization process on the Sologenic DEX?

We chose to build on top of the XRPL because this blockchain is tailored to exactly what we are trying to build. The built-in DEX feature and ability to seamlessly issue assets (trust lines) make it a secure platform for Sologenic.
When talking about “smart contracts,” one needs to know what exactly is a smart contract. I can say that XRP Ledger has some support for necessary smart contracts, such as the “Escrow” feature. But the full smart contract capability, similar to the one in the Ethereum network, is not presented in the XRP Ledger yet. At the same time, the world of blockchain is moving fast, and since it’s open-source, anyone can build new features on top of existing technologies. We will have to see what happens in the future.

Is DeFi’s meteoric rise good for SOLO?

It is excellent to see DeFi’s rise and all the hype around it. I believe in the DeFi aspects of the Blockchain and Decentralization more than anything else. Our vision for Sologenic is to lay the bricks and make the building blocks of the future use cases of DeFi. The more DeFi platforms and chains, the more adoption, and that’s exactly what we want.

Read part 2 of this AMA here!

If you would like to ask Dmitri more questions, you can connect with him on Twitter.

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AMA with Sologenic CPO Part 2

Our Chief Product Officer Dmitri Litvinovich took part in his first Sologenic AMA this month. In case you missed it, here is the second part!

You can read the first part here.

“Token burn” is useful for any project. It controls the amount of token circulation and provides more significant incentives to investors. Does Sologenic have a plan for burning tokens?

Transaction fees generated through transfers and decentralized trading will be burned instantly to lower the total supply of SOLO coins and make SOLO coins more valuable.

SOLO is one of DeFi’s projects. What is the next target in SOLO Development? Will SOLO present a Staking Mechanism? As we all know, the DeFi Project must have and develop its own Dapp. Can you name the Dapp that you are preparing for now, and how does your Dapp work?

I like to express appreciation to the team behind that; it’s a great idea that you don’t see that often. I think our primary motivation to keep our community informed about later trends, rumors, new projects, etc. I like it a lot.

Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold the SOLO token for the long term? What are the team’s plans to make SOLO a top project on Coinmarketcap?

We’re working hard on building an ecosystem where SOLO acts as a core. For example the tokenization of stocks presented in stable coins that are tradable and redeemable against SOLO. NOTE- this is not investment advice.

I have a question about SOLO Cards. Will there be discounts on transactions for using the SOLO CARD? What will be the benefits, and in which countries will it be available?

We are first planning to launch the program for Europe and the UK. Followed by gradual expansion to other regions. As for the benefits, there are quite a few, but I prefer to announce them closer to the launch date.

What is your biggest challenge in the future and how do you solve it?

Challenges are what makes life enjoyable. Overcoming them is what makes our job interesting. We are more focused on opportunities and bright ideas. Sometimes regulations for crypto are challenging, but it’s resolvable.

Are you ok with the USA’s regulations? What about your country?

We are compliant with the regulations we are presented in, not working with the USA at this time.

The only way the blockchain industry will expand and grow is to have users that will be able to use products with ease. What are some of the unique features of Sologenic that would help attract more users?

We are making financial products available for anyone, anywhere, any time. Just with your mobile device, you can access any stock or ETF you want. Isn’t that’s cool & easy?

Would you explain what Proof of Solvency is? And which characteristics make it better than the traditional Proof of Stake (PoS)?

We expose an endpoint that allows for the public to view the inventory of real-world assets via APIs and corresponding assets on XRPL. Additionally, Sologenic is to conduct 3rd party audits that would certify the authenticity of the assets.

What does Tokenizing an asset mean? What are the benefits of it & why would one want to convert rights to their holdings into digital tokens?

There are many advantages, such as accessibility and availability, fractional buying or selling, trading, speculating, investing- everything without institutional bureaucracy at the speed of XRPL.

What happens when SOLO completes its goal?

We set a new one!

Marketing is a central element for every project so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to Sologenic and keep them long term?

We have a great marketing team, but you also need to have a great product to succeed in the long run. We have both combined, that’s our strategy in short.

Can you explain the main benefits of Tokenizing Assets like Stocks & Fiat? Why should we choose Sologenic rather than any other platform?

Nowadays, in many places, you can only do that through private banking. This is not available for 90% of the world’s population. We’re bringing this to anyone, anywhere!

If you would like to ask Dmitri more questions, you can connect with him on Twitter.

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How Solve.Care Utilizes Blockchain Technology

What is Solve. Care?

Solve.Care is a global healthcare company that redefines care coordination, improves access to care, empowers consumers with information, reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world through blockchain technology. They are the first company to utilize digital currency and blockchain technology in healthcare for value-based payments.

They have received the Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum and the “Top 3 Innovative Blockchain Solution” and “Top 3 Outstanding Projects” at the 2019 World Blockchain Awards.

How does Solve.Care use Blockchain Technology?

The Solve.Care platform creates an ecosystem, Telehealth, for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria. Telehealth combines decentralization with synchronization to connect stakeholders and redefine care, cost, and convenience for everyone.

Solve.Care and Covid-19 Pandemic

The number of patients visiting virtual doctors has exploded in recent months. The Covid-19 pandemic has severely tested how healthcare systems are organized and delivered from several perspectives. More and more patients are becoming reluctant to visit their doctors due to the epidemic. Medical practitioners who are not primarily involved in treating Covid-19 cases have experienced a significant drop inpatient appointments.

Solve.Care’s launch of the Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) goes towards remedying the barriers to health services caused by the distance between patient and provider, access to reliable transportation, fragmentation of care due to gaps in time between appointments, lack of available providers and even pandemic environments.

Telehealth is proving to be an essential digital tool for healthcare providers around the world beyond the current crisis. It is considered a primary real-world solution to breaking down barriers in our healthcare systems, increasing accessibility, and reducing inequality.

Dr. David Hanekom further elaborates on Solve.Care projects in his interview on SOLO TV.

Who is Dr. David Hanekom?

For over 30 years, Dr. David Hanekom, Solve.Care Chief Medical Officer, worked on the front lines of chronic disease management. His primary focus is on developing and sharing the ways blockchain can streamline the delivery of care, secure health records, and eliminate the delay of information communicated to patients caretakers.

As CMO, Dr. Hanekom is responsible for designing Care Networks that improve the cost, quality, access, and outcomes of healthcare systems. As President of the North America region, Dr. Hanekom is responsible for driving the company’s rapid expansion and addressing the growing healthcare needs of North America’s diverse populations.

Before working with Solve.Care, Dr. Hanekom was the CEO of Arizona Care Network (ACN), a physician-led clinically integrated network focused on providing coordinated, high-quality care to patients, or members. This organization was uniquely structured as it allowed physicians to maintain their independence while allowing them to leverage shared resources, technology, and support to prepare them for the future of value-based medicine.


Dr. David Hanekom will be appearing as a guest on SOLO TV Episode 2.

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Watch SOLO TV Episode 2 now


Sologenic Interviews SOLO TV Host, Brent Hirose

The Sologenic team would like to formally introduce you to the host of SOLO TV, Brent Hirose.

Prospective computer engineer turned professional actor; Brent delved into how he got to where he is today and his exciting plans. Brent also shared his experience in the crypto industry and some recommendations for new crypto.

As an actor, writer, director, improviser and voice-over artist, it’s safe to say you are well rounded in the entertainment industry. How did you enter this space? What made you decide to pursue a professional career in this industry?

It wasn’t supposed to happen! Coming out of high school in Winnipeg, I was going to become a computer engineer, but through some miscommunications ended up missing a prerequisite, so instead of going to one university (The University of Manitoba), I went to another (The University of Winnipeg) which had a concurrent high school program so I could pick up my missing class.

Meanwhile, I took a theatre class for fun, where my teacher brought in a professional actor who talked to the class about the actual job, which opened my eyes to the potential of the career: I didn’t think much of the prospect of there being professional Canadian actors, let alone in Winnipeg!

Meanwhile, I had one of the worst math teachers ever, which soured my idea of doing more University level calculus and decided to switch my focus. I figured that no matter what field I was going into, the kind of jobs that I’d want to do, involving creativity and having some control over the direction of my work, would be a lot of hard work and competition, so I might as well go after one that brings me so much enjoyment. It’s been almost 20 years, and I can’t say I regret it!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I’ve done a lot of side jobs to pay the bills between acting roles: I’ve worked in a few call centers, the library, led food tours, worked as a freelance copywriter, and have taught improv and acting in various settings. I’ve never had a job in a restaurant, except for a single training shift in the kitchen that I never got paid for! The only job I’ve wanted to do but never got around to was teaching English in Japan.

Coming from an arts background, can you share your experience transitioning into working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry?

As an actor (and playwright), I’m no stranger to doing research. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m a lifelong tech nerd, so I’ve always known the basics of crypto, but haven’t taken the time to dive deeply. I have to say, at this point, I now know enough to know how much I don’t know, and the field is changing quickly! But that’s one of the things that makes this project so exciting; there’s always more to learn!

Are there any resources you would recommend for people looking to enter the crypto space? Books? Podcasts?

My first suggestion for anyone looking to research a subject is to see what’s going on in Reddit. One of the best parts of the crypto world is the passionate community that exists online. From there, a single thread can lead to multiple google searches to delve deeper and deeper into the weeds. I’m currently reading “The Internet of Money,” which I’m enjoying quite a lot!

What is coming up on the horizon? Where are you headed next?

I’ve got a lot of different projects always on the go, although right now, a lot of things are understandably on hold. That said, I’ve got a pilot of a kid’s show that I’ll be working on as a puppeteer that hopefully will be shooting soon, an improvised Shakespeare show that is getting up and running again, as well as a horror movie script that I’m prepping to pitch to Netflix. I hope that demonstrates some range!

You’re a fan of Dogecoin. Tells us, how did you first hear about it and why is it your preferred coin?

Money is intrinsically a bit of a shared delusion*, and my absurdist sense of humor loves a currency that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Plus, Doge memes hit me where I live. (Please don’t tell my cat). That said, still pay me. 🙂

What is your dream acting job?

What I haven’t got to do as an actor yet is to play a character with a long arc: I’m a massive fan of prestige TV dramas, and the thought of playing a role that experiences change over the years is exhilarating. Plus, an acting job that lasted for that long would mean a break from the constant stream of auditions and rejection. But that ARC, though!

Word Association

1. Crypto


2. Acting


3. Hollywood

Not everything.

4. Dogecoin

Very wow.


Exciting! And if you, the reader, go subscribe, even more exciting!

How can our SOLO TV enthusiasts get in touch with you?

Check me out on twitter @BrentHirose – I’ve always had an on-again/off-again relationship with the platform, but I’m quick to respond to messages! And if you’re interested in seeing what else I’ve done/am up to, check out

Well, Brent, we hope you can pursue your dream of teaching English in Japan or land that significant Arc role, but in the meantime, we are very excited to have you on SOLO TV and excited for what’s to come!

Catch Brent Hirose on SOLO TV at

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COO, Loopring Appearing on SOLO TV

Jay Zhou, the Chief Operating Officer at Loopring, will be appearing as a guest on SOLO TV!

What is Loopring?

Loopring is an open-source, non-custodial exchange protocol. It handles thousands of transactions, including operations, trade settlement, and order matching on Ethereum off-chain.

The underlying Ethereum blockchain is used only for data and verification, which means gas consumption and reduced overall settlement costs.

Loopring 3.0 can settle up to 2,025 trades per second while still providing Ethereum-level security made possible by using a construction called zkRollup.

Loopring’s settlement costs are $150 per million trades, which covers the gas for Ethereum transactions. To put things in perspective, stock trading fees in the US are $2 to $7 per trade.


Jay will be appearing as a guest on SOLO TV, so subscribe now to catch the interview when it is released.

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Dmitri Litvinovich joins Sologenic as Chief Product Officer

Hello! I am Dmitri Litvinovich, Sologenic’s new Chief Product Officer!

My Business Experience

I have over ten years of experience in business operations and development, products, and project management across technology and FinTech industries. I built solid foundations for start-up projects by establishing structures, nurturing relationships with stakeholders, developing and delivering road maps, and advancing new concepts.

I have an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics, and a Master of Science degree in ICT.


My Role at Sologenic

With my technical knowledge and business acumen combined, I knew Sologenic was the perfect fit for me. As CPO, I will lead and facilitate the development of new products and improve existing ones to provide extra value and innovation for SOLO holders.

I’m very excited to join Sologenic as CPO. I believe that there is a strong synergy between SOLO objectives and my skills and experience. Sologenic already has the right pace set for fantastic and innovative solutions.

Many excellent services were already launched to use the crypto community, and I am proud of my team’s work. I assure you that this is only the beginning. We have many great products in our roadmap, so I encourage everyone to stay tuned for new releases!

For more information about Sologenic, visit its website.


Sologenic Launches a Cryptocurrency Video Series, SOLO TV

Sologenic has launched its own cryptocurrency YouTube series, SOLO TV, as part of the Sologenic ecosystem.

What is SOLO TV?

SOLO TV was created by the Sologenic team to cover all things crypto. Episodes will include the latest news and market updates, interviews with prominent industry professionals to educational and entertaining segments, and a one-stop-shop for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and new crypto learners.

How did SOLO TV come to life?

SOLO TV came to fruition when the Sologenic team identified a gap in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The Sologenic team recognizes that it could be challenging to understand and navigate the plethora of ways that a multitude of sectors has adopted blockchain technology outside of cryptocurrencies.

What can I expect from SOLO TV episodes?

The series will include fun segments about debunking crypto myths, answering commonly Googled crypto questions and crypto debates, alongside interviews with cryptocurrency and Blockchain professionals. SOLO TV provides an accessible and digestible video series to ensure that it can be enjoyed and understood by anyone.

The first two guests interviewed on SOLO TV are Hans Koning, Chair of DigiByte, and Dr. David Hanekom, Chief Medical Officer at Solve.Care. Upcoming guests include Jay Zhou, COO of Loopring; Vansa Chatikavanij, CEO of OmisGo; and Dr. Ben Goertzel, artificial intelligence researcher and CEO of SingularityNET.

Brent Hirose is the host of SOLO TV, an award-winning actor, writer, and voice-over artist.

Here’s what Brent has to say about getting involved with SOLO TV:

I’m very excited to be hosting SOLO TV and bringing this information in a fun, easily digestible format. As a tech nerd who is expanding their own crypto knowledge through this process, I hope to make the show a great jumping in point for newbies who are thinking of dipping their toes in cryptocurrency, while also offering interviews with top minds in the industry that long time fanatics will enjoy.” — Brent Hirose, SOLO TV Host

How often will episodes be released?

New episodes will be released twice a month. The first episode will be released next week, July 17th, 2020.

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Follow along for live updates on the SOLO TV Twitter account @GOSOLOTV

First episode available now! Watch it here.


Exclusive Interview With Hans Koning from DigiByte on SOLO TV Episode 1

Sologenic is very excited to release the first episode of SOLO TV, a YouTube series discussing all things crypto, created as part of the Sologenic ecosystem.

The Sologenic team produced SOLO TV to showcase the innovative projects developed in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. It is a place for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and new crypto learners, providing fun and educational videos.

In the first episode, SOLO TV host Brent Hirose interviews DigiByte Chair Hans Koning, who provides insight into the DigiByte Foundation, XRP, and Sologenic. This episode also features an informative segment on current crypto news and busts some crypto myths.

Future Episodes

SOLO TV episodes will be released bi-monthly, including interviews with prominent industry professionals and educational and entertaining segments.

Upcoming guests include Dr. David Hanekom, Chief Medical Officer, at Solve.Care; Jay Zhou, COO of Loopring; Vansa Chatikavanij, CEO of OMG Network and Dr. Ben Goertzel, artificial intelligence researcher and CEO of SingularityNET.

Watch Episode 1

Watch the first episode of SOLO TV by clicking the link below. Don’t forget to subscribe to catch all future episodes. You can also follow SOLO TV updates on its Twitter feed.

Subscribe to SOLO TV here and watch SOLO TV E01 below!