Sologenic Launches New Partnerships: XUMM, XRP Toolkit and Support of SOLO on Ledger & Trezor…

TALLINN, Estonia, March 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CoinField has announced Sologenic’s new partnerships with XUMM, XRP Toolkit, and support of SOLO on Ledger and Trezor wallets to further expand the Sologenic ecosystem.

Sologenic is a blockchain platform built on XRP Ledger. It creates a dynamic bridge between Crypto assets and non-blockchain based assets such as Stocks, ETFs, and Precious Metals. The collaborations between Sologenic, XUMM, XRP Toolkit are significant developments in driving the global adoption of SOLO.

XUMM is a platform developed by Wietse Wind’s team, XRPL LABS. Based on the XRP ledger, The XUMM app has been tested by a closed circle of developers. XUMM allows its users to sign, and track crypto transactions and have access to the banking services such as fiat currency in the future version of the app.

The SOLO core team collaboration with XUMM will see this application integrated on the decentralized SOLO Wallet for signing transactions. SOLO & Tokenized Assets (Stocks & ETFs) will also be available on XUMM.

Commenting on Twitter, Wietse Wind said, “This will mean you can use the SOLO ecosystem while using XUMM for signing for transactions without ever entering your secret (password) again.”

XRP Toolkit is a web interface for interacting with the XRP ledger. As part of the partnership, SOLO and its tokenized assets will be available on the upcoming XRP Toolkit v2.

Also, through another partnership with Sologenic, Towo Labs will ensure assets issued on the XRP Ledger, including SOLO, Stocks, and ETFs, are securely stored on the two most popular hardware wallets: Ledger Nano and Trezor.

Bob Ras, the Co-creator of Sologenic, recently posted a video on twitter showing SOLO transactions being signed on both Ledger Nano and Trezor devices.

The firmware updates have been sent to Ledger and Trezor and are expected to be approved within the next two months.

About Sologenic:
Sologenic is introducing a sophisticated ecosystem that facilitates users with investing, trading, and on-demand tokenization of assets such as stocks, ETFs, and fiat on top of the XRP Ledger. Learn more on

About CoinField:
CoinField is a regulated European based fiat-to-crypto exchange supervised by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) under the license numbers FVR001049 & FRK000941.

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Sologenic Offers New Bounty Program to Launch XRP Validators

TALLINN, Estonia, Feb. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CoinField has introduced a new bounty program to 10 qualified developers or businesses, who launch an XRP Validator in 2020.

Built on the XRP ledger, the sole mission of Sologenic is to merge crypto-asset markets with traditional finance markets. This new ecosystem facilitates investing and trading of on-demand tokenized assets, including Stocks and ETFs, on top of the XRP Ledger. The platform is available in 193 countries across the globe.

The Sologenic XRP bounty program will provide ten qualified developers or businesses with the funds to launch XRP Validators. The program aims to support the growth of XRP technical developments within the XRP Ledger blockchain.

This new initiative will be the first project to be funded by the SOLO Community Fund (SCF). The purpose of this SCF fund is to help build the infrastructure required for the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies. SCF funds decentralized community-based projects, community events, and emergencies.

To qualify for funding, applicants must be verifiable developers or companies supporting XRP. The SOLO core team will pay for six months of server costs to the maximum of $1500 USD in SOLO.

Suitable applicants must commit for 12 months to run the validators and have the minimum required XRP Ledger specifications:

  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04+
  • CPU: Intel Xeon 3+ GHz processor with four cores and hyperthreading enabled
  • Disk: SSD (7000+ writes/second, 10,000+ reads/second)
  • RAM: For production: 32GB
  • Network: Enterprise data center network with a gigabit network interface on the host

Applicants must apply for this program through this form here.

In the Sologenic ecosystem, the community plays an important role. The SOLO core team plans to help the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem grow globally by supporting various community projects.

Sologenic public IEO sale will be launched on CoinField during February 18–25th, 2020. This will be the final chance to purchase SOLO at a fixed price of 0.25 USDT, before the public trading goes live.

About Sologenic:
Sologenic is a sophisticated ecosystem that facilitates users with investing, trading, and on-demand tokenization of assets such as stocks, ETFs, and fiat on top of the XRP Ledger.

About CoinField:
CoinField is a regulated European based crypto exchange supervised by Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) under the licence numbers FVR001049 & FRK000941.

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Sologenic Launches DEX: One Step Closer to Allow Users to Trade Tokenized Stocks 24/7

TALLINN, Estonia, March 31, 2021 — Sologenic announced the launch of the highly anticipated Sologenic Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the blazingly fast and secure Blockchain, XRP Ledger, allowing users to trade Cryptocurrencies including SOLO, XRP, and the upcoming Tokenized Assets such as Stocks, ETFs, and commodities from top global exchanges 24/7 from every corner of the globe.

The Sologenic DEX is an advanced decentralized trading platform that allows users to trade (peer-to-peer) any fraction of tokenized assets, SOLO, and XRP while having custody of their private keys which provides maximum security and trust.

Sologenic DEX features:

  • Dynamic & fully customizable widgets in the trading terminal
  • Professional charting tools with candles as low as 1 minute and live order books
  • Support for several languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, and many more
  • Light / Dark Themes
  • Removes barriers to entry for a private, safe and secure trading experience that is not controlled by any centralized entity
  • Support for other wallets (Ledger, XUMM and…)
  • Fees as low as $0.000005
  • Transaction finality of ~3 seconds

With the Sologenic DEX, users can safely manage their assets and trade on the DEX by connecting to their preferred wallets such as SOLO Wallet, Ledger Devices, D’cent, XUMM and more to be added.

The Sologenic Tokenization Platform is available to the public to practice trading and tokenizing stocks from Nasdaq and NYSE. You can check out the testnet here. While the practice mode is currently available, the Sologenic tokenization platform is currently awaiting its licenses to be granted to go live.

“With the decentralized finance (DeFi) boom of 2020, a number of DEXs have sprung up, but what makes Sologenic DEX stand out is the ability to trade the upcoming Tokenized Stocks freely and fractionally. The development of Sologenic core component, tokenization platform, has been completed and currently we’re waiting for the approval of the MiFID license by Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) to go live.” — Said Bob Ras, Co-Creator

The Sologenic DEX web platform is now accessible through An upcoming update in April 2021 will introduce the DEX into the new SOLO Wallet IOS and Android platforms.

To learn more visit:

About Sologenic:

Sologenic tokenization ecosystem facilitates investing and trading between crypto and non-blockchain assets such as stocks, ETFs, and commodities from top 30+ global stock exchanges. Learn more on

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